NI Expansion CRATE CUTS Ideas (Thoughts in Description)

YOung Fizz
Hello, welcome back to another video. If you are new here, click that subscribe button and turn on the bell notification if you would like to continue seeing audio content related to the Maschine and other content related to music production. I am trying something different because i was able to get my hands on a couple of expansion and a few of you wanted to know if they were really worth having ? Lets get right to it. YES ! Whether you are new to music production or advance, i found the Native Instruments Crate Cuts packed with loops, samples, drums and lot more. The cool thing about the expansion is when you load the group and the routing is already there for you. Its like working with a mac " Plug n' Play" You are not wasting time trying to create your own kits if you are wanting to get ideas out quickly. Within the first 15 minutes, i found myself pumping out about 7-8 ideas. Here is a glimpse of the sounds and a couple of kits inside the Crate Cuts. If you are looking to get solid sounds invested in a few sample packs from native instruments. (THEY COVER JUST ABOUT EVERY GENRE) You will most likely be hearing more of my music production from these kits in the near future ! Hit the Like button if you enjoyed the video and we will see you on the next one. Thank you ! Enjoy !