New Wireless Effect Instrument - Looking for Feedback


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Hello Future Producers.

we're a small team from the Netherlands and in the last few months we've been working hard on the development of the Wiggle Kit. We thought it might interest some of you.

What is it
The Wiggle Kit is a new handheld MIDI instrument and app to add and control vocal effects to your voice. In the app for your phone you can select the vocal effects (reverb, echo, delay etc.) and with the instrument that works with movement detection (up, down, left, right and twisting) you control the intensity of each vocal effect. Of course you can link the Wiggle to other apps as well, as it supports MIDI over bluetooth.

Where you can help
We're curious to hear what you think about the idea and if this is something you would use in your music making workflow. If you like to get some more information and see some videos of it action, visit our kickstarter page (owow[dot]io/kickstarter) Or send us a message, we're happy to explain more!

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