New to production long time DJ...


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I have just recently purchased a MPC 1000 and have 1200's and a mixer and a real fast pc with plenty of memory and HD space, and just recently aquired Reason 3.0 with a ton of the refills....
Now what ...
I know enough to be dangerous I want to start chopping samples and then getting them into my mpc and with cool edit pro(I think right?) but say i want for instance to put the a piano chord in it how does this happen what program or do i hit the pads to create this live with a sound bank loaded into mpc.?? I promise I will catch on just help me out at first guys.


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^best advice this thread will see.
U have an mpc that will really be all u need for a minute get ur mpc mastered(tho i would recommend getting more of a standalone mpc rather than the 1k) and then u will see u dont need much of anything else