New Space hip hop type beat ( Feedback 4 Feedback)



Been hard at the equipment trying new things, ditching old methods. Take a listen and I will give you some feedback on your track also. Thanks!

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Sound interesting. The beat is not really my music preferences

, but it binds me still. I like the voice in the beat.


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Really interesting and creative bro! Not really my genre but I respect every kind of music. I like the sidechainings on the kicks and the complexity with the groove. The sample is awesome and the track is well mastered! It is clean and I have nothing bad to say. Maybe the beat is a bit repetitive but I think this is quite normal with these kind of tracks.

Keep it up man!

I would really appreciate it if you also could drop a feedback on my work


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This is interesting, not a style I really listen to . The beat isn't bad at all, just different than what I am used to listening to. Hard to write a critique because of that.

G-Town Beats

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Yeah i feel this man. Nice sample flip.
Drums working well.
But i think the mix could be improved?
The kick seems a bit to loud.
Anyway nice stuff! Keep it up!


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that's dope man, you got a new follower. (dichotomos)

It sounds like something you'd have like lil wayne, or kid cudi rap over.


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Returning feed :)
Really good man!
It's not my type or music, but it's good nonetheless.
At first, I thought the sidechain was overdone, but after a while, you get used to it :P
Only major thing for me is it's kind of a bit too repetitive, but then again, I'm pretty sure most tracks of this genre are like that.
The mix seems on point and everything goes together well.

[Couple minutes later]
Listening to it more than once made me appreciate it a lot more. Now I'm feeling the vibe and maybe the only thing missing is a singer/rapper ;)

Great work man! Keep it up!


Donta Black

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This is fire, the intro fade into to me was coo, but when it dropped I was like damn this is raw, I think with more reverb on the sample and a better mix you would be set! Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late return, havent been around for a min.