New Quarantine Klark Beat FEEDBACK Returned


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This beat definatly has potential, a couple of things though...

The beat sounds overly compressed/limited, especially the drums, try to go easy on the compression in general remember "less is more". The whole beat kind of lacks presence, try a small EQ boost at the high end and try taking abit of the mud from the low mids (around 200 - 280hz). This should help to brighten things up and make the low end abit less overpowering, but if you were going for a real gritty sounding beat then you may want to ignore that lol it's your choice afterall. It definatly has potential though so keep working at it !


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dope beat but like contakt said, it definitely sounds kinda muddy in the low.... regardless, I'm feeling it


Like everyone else said it's overly compressed and muddy. Just turn that bass down and if that doesn't do it cut around the 200 to 250 range. Obviously every song is different so you'll have to see really where the mud is.

If you are going for a gritty feeling you'd be better of cutting some highs on the hi hats and other instruments or just cutting some highs on the master channel, rather than making the low end louder.

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I like the sample a does have the gritty, raw feel to it
Might need a better mix, but if this is what youre goin for its aight...i can picture somebody killin it


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I actually thought I gave a review on this. The overall song is banging. Especially for a freestyle session. But yeah, way too much compression on this one. That's the only thing I can see...but I can also see like WuTang spitting over this.


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Word! Appreciate the feedback, ok everybody agrees-gotta work on that low end! Thanks ya'll I'mma keep at it!

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@Contakt Yo your joint is dope man, love how you didn't over chop the sample and the breaks are perfect...can't really say nothin bad about that one man...
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Appreciate the feedback bro, I think this tracks dope, its overly compressed but Im feelin the grittiness of it also, so dont change too much bout it or you may lose that, it jus depends on wut ur goin for


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@BeeNyce yo you have a very unique stye(the Stadium track kills!) I'm feel this stuff... you got any tracks with people spittin over your beats?
its aight the vibe is weird and there isnt a real cool part. overall it sounds like something Id definately here an artist on but something ID skip