New Promotion: Born To Be Loud


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New Promotion: Born To Be Loud
[h=4]Buy iLoud and get AmpliTube 3 or T-Racks Deluxe FREE (a $200 value!)[/h]

Born To Be Loud!

If you’ve been holding out to grab an iLoud, then now is the time, as we are currently offering our best purchase incentive yet. For a limited time, buy an iLoud and receive your choice of a free download of AmpliTube 3 (normally $199), guitar amp & FX modeling plug-in, or T-RackS Deluxe (normally $199), high-end mixing & mastering collection.
iLoud is the studio-quality portable speaker for musicians and audiophiles that’s 2-3 times the volume of comparably-sized speakers. The battery-powered iLoud connects to any smartphone, tablet, laptop or MP3 player, either wirelessly via Bluetooth, or wired to the onboard 3.5mm jack, and is also the only portable speaker with a built-in iRig input circuit, so you can plug in a guitar, bass, keyboard or dynamic mic and jam out!

Choose from thefollowing FREE software:

AmpliTube 3

Hot-rod your desktop

As the world’s leading Guitar and Bass tone-creation software, you'll be absolutely blown away by the 160+ vintage and modern amp models you get in AmpliTube 3.

Own it and you'll also get 30 new vintage gear models and five new creative effects; you can virtually stomp on or rackmount effects such as StepFilter, TapDelay, StepSLicer, Rezo, and Swell.

T-RackS Deluxe

A rack full of classic processing gear

T-RackS Deluxe mastering and mixing software builds on the legacy of the revered T-RackS software, adding five great new processors for a total of 10 incredible mixing and mastering tools!

You can also tailor your signal chain to run up to 12 processors in parallel or series, and a high precision complete metering section, not included on most software processors.

Compare your preferred records with your works on this meter, and you'll immediately see where to go with loudness management.

Whether you're looking for clean clarity or rich analog character, T-RackS Deluxe has you covered.

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