New Pop/Hip Hop track, With a really cool drum beat F4F


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Hey guys, I made this new track and as you maybe can tell by the title I'm kinda proud of the drum beat lol.
So anyways, let me know what you guys think and i'll return the favor, thanks



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The drums were solid.
I thought the piano sounded slightly cheap to be honest. The sound itself could sound alittle bit less synthesized in my opinion, you could try and sort this out in the mix or just try and look at a more realistic VST for the sound.

Liked the switch up in melody around 2:12
Thought that whole bit worked best in my opinion.

Good work. Thanks for the feedback.


Isn't my sort of style but was okay for what it was.. Is it pop or hip-hop? lol they're very diffrent genres.. sounds more like pop to me though.. I like the drums the melodies are decent although i have heard many 'commercial' type songs that use the same chords it almost sounds generic.. keep it up rtf when u can Leftover Vinyls Vol.2 BEAT-TAPE - Outss


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them drums knockin man , mixed real clean.. piano sounded good to me just needs a little bit of reverb.. i love the melodies on this. That "Huh" sound nice too haha keep up the good work


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Definitely has that mainstream sound to it. Really a great mix IMO. Drums were slapping. I do agree like some other have said, the Piano does sound somewhat artificial when it comes in. Quality track you have here.. I could definitely hear it on the radio. Keep it up, and if you have some time, could you check out my beat thread? Thanks!


That was really good. Calming melody, and yea I liked the beat pattern a lot. The piano could use a little bit of reverb, but other than that I think it's great :D!


Off the jump - this beat came in and I could tell you weren't playing games!

Enjoy the drum beat with the piano melody and how it changes up as well as the drums. I can tell you really put a lot of thought, time and patience into this one which I appreciate.

You need to send this off to Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, One Direction, Ellie Goulding ASAP - I could see this in a movie soundtrack!


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Overall excellent track! The entire mix sounded very clear and the arrangement was great. If you can, take a listen to a new beat I made in my sig and give me some feedback as well! Cheers.