new Kits to rule them all (hopefully)

Hey all!.

So here at OTS (OrangetreeStudios) we have been very busy with a upcoming beat lib. (will have loops/Samples/kits) - its still in development, but this time we are deciding to part ways with all our 3rd party vendors and go at it alone on a self release.. - very exciting.

I cam here to offer some gems to start the ball rolling so to speak.. and start pushing things out there a lil bit. - make new friends that sort of thing :)

Being a commercial studio such as we are, we have a cheatsheet almost of what the "industry" wants, expects and the quality involved. - so when COVID lockdown was in full force we locked ourselves away and went crazy recording literally everything and anything we could get our hands on.

We hit things, threw things, bashed, boped, shouted at, broke...etc etc. then edited into this.

Its aimed at a wide variety of electronic music + film/TV

Here is a early sample.. RAW, played direct to Protools using machine mikro, via Battery4. Quantized, bounced.. no processing at all. - we decided to get real feedback before releases now, as we would rather work with a community of great minded individuals than just guess.

OrangeTreeDrums STAMINA by OrangeTreeStudios | Orange Tree Studios | Free Listening on SoundCloud

We will be looking for a few producers soon to test drive this in the real world. (pref youtubers) so get in contact with me via our website. (google us)

We are excited to see this grow.. but we are on it!

Have a great day!