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Hey all. Im new to the site and just wanted to reach out to see what y'all think the most beneficial parts of this forum are. I'm really more into Worship and Country music, but I'm excited to see what this is all about! Thanks y'all!!


Welcome to FP Derrick,

I consider myself a veteran here. However, many trolls would beg to differ. Users fill the community with music reviews and advice that folks can use to start and run a music industry career. It features an active community of users with many reasons to post here. And I like it here because they support the user community. Musicians share links for review, and they find ways to collaborate. So much time has passed since my last visit. I am wondering what is new with this forum. I do not see all of the advertising that was here before, so that is fabulous. I wonder what else has changed since my last binge era.

I come here to advise from time to time. However, this forum has changed a ton over the years. And the design for these threads is a new one. I like the fact that users can make status updates now. And the trophy system seems very cool. I am a sales expert, audio engineer, and web developer. In 2018, I started my company, Indie Host. And I am currently working on a WordPress web development called Music B Logic. It is a searchable blog for now. I write notes daily to see that it is ok to DIY a site when you do not have everything you feel you need.

I have a few clients that host websites with me. However, I want to do more for them. However, it is expensive for me to provide the services that I give them at a cut-rate. And I did not realize that I have become so familiar with systems that are confusing for startups. Since 2019, I have been working to develop a plan to enable me to help them promote the songs they make. Because I like musicians to live a successful lifestyle, I create WordPress music groups to market and promote. And I also make songs from time to time because I can afford to produce when I want. I work hard so that I can afford the luxury to create beats when I feel like it. Because I was never really into the make beats fast mindset. I believe that a song comes together as fast as it does.