New guy here: looking for drum sounds like evermore/folklore


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I'm working on a record rn that I think I might be pretty cool with some drum sounds a la Taylor Swift's folklore/evermore.

Anyone have kit/app/plugin suggestions as far as getting those kinds of mellow, filtered, electronic, funky drum sounds going. I do a lot of my production and pre production in ableton, and I do use the stock "carbon kit" fairly frequently, but I'm looking to expand the palette. I can of course filter/distort/etc whatever I use after the fact to get at least partially there, but we all know the workflow is more inspiring when it sounds the way your head hears it right out of the box!

FWIW I'm fairly new to sampling/ableton/"modern" production techniques, but have been making records in the "traditional" way (ie recording mostly real instruments/mixing/etc) for several years.