New GrooveMaker 2 Megapack now available


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New GrooveMaker 2 Megapack now available
[h=4]Get thirteen of our most popular song packs in one in-app purchase![/h]

The new GrooveMaker 2 Song Megapack is now available for In-App Purchase within GrooveMaker 2 (full or free versions). It's a 13 song pack in one for just $29.99 /€19.99. Over 3,500 loops in all. That’s less than 1 cent per loop!

Included are all the GrooveMaker 2 loops - other than artist collections and just released collections. Our most popular song packs are all included in this new Megapack, including EDM, Dubstep, House 1, House 2, Hip-Hop 1, Hip-Hop 2, Drum'n'Bass, Electro, Reggae, Reggaeton, Techno, Trance & Club.

Available through in-app purchase as a bundle or as individual songs.

Included Song Packs:

  1. EDM
  2. Dubstep
  3. House 1
  4. House 2
  5. Hip-Hop 1
  6. Hip-Hop 2
  7. Drum'n'Bass
  8. Electro
  9. Reggae
  10. Reggaeton
  11. Techno
  12. Trance
  13. Club
3627 loops, 4098.8 MB

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