New Flatbush Zombie Type Beat(F4F!)

McLovin Beatz

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I thought that joint was very Rza-esque. Late 90s Rza tho. I like it. Flatbush Zombies could easily mash this. Good work!


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This is really dope. I need to practice to even get to this level lol. The intro reminded me of something Mick Jenkins would rap on. Check him out if you don't know him. But as far as the beat goes. I can also hear FBZ on it. Really nice work.

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Solid beat I'm digging it. Good work on the choir vocals and the strings. Nice touch.
Overall the mix is good as well. Could use a bridge or a breakdown at about the 1:52 mark to break things up a bit but overall this is a real good groove.

Dzasta Beatz

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I'm really feeling this, I like the vibe on how you worked with the synth and used the choir!!! Real dope drums, and the mixing and mastering is great!! Keep Grinding


I liked the vibe it but the panning was horrible to listen to on headphones. Sounds pretty good i think it would get repetitive if it lasted any longer though. The brass in the left ear could be brightened up a bit. Good work.


Them some heavy sounds you're using, this beat is deep and brooding, I could hear some crazy rhymes over this. Really Diggig the mood you set, good mix, I like that wolf howl or single choir voice in the background every 8 bars. Good job.


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This beat is dope breh , could see some big names go nuts on this one. composition and mix sound on point to me . Those drum are sick to.

Really dig the intro and overall sound of this track , Keep up the good work fam and thanks for the feed on my post.


Yo whats good fam. Track sounds dope. Very vibey. Drums are dope too and mix sounds wide which is good. Loved that flute like instrument in the intro, good work son keep up the good work. Change is ill too that was my fav part. Thanks for the feedback,



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Not bad.
Felt like some of the instruments you were using were holding back your potential, this could be sorted out in the mix though. Not so much the drums, more like the bass and the horn sounded slightly tinny. But that's not really your fault, keep it up.
Thanks for the feedback!