New Beat "Right through you" (All feed returned)


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Sup? Returning the feed...

I like the heavy orchestral feel you got going... And the drums are banging hard as hell..
Would of liked heaver bass! And maybe a more prominent lead.. Other then that, shit goes.

Good work!


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Love piano. And orchestral!
Rele nice. I'm taking some notes from this. I want to make music like this! :)
Links in sig. "Frame" and "Glam on the Beat".


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#Lyncaster, I checked them out I thought u could have add more stuff like synths,piano etc etc..

#JMFLYproductions, Nice intro maybe a bit tad to long nevertheless it was nice. I was kinda expecting the drums to come harder. Beat is pretty chill


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nice track homie. Drums could use a little more change in velocity they sound pretty robotic but overall i like it.


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whats good im really feeling the prec pattern you got... hook is dope with those strings that slide i think there's a lil to much reverb on the mix
overall good beat peace