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I really like how you chopped the sample on this but i feel that you should go back in and do a little touching up because it's sounding a little choppy and it kinda distracts me from the beat but it's a very nice sample and the drums sound good but a little thin, try routing your kick and snare to a bus and adding the "CamelCrusher" plugin (which is free if you dont have it already) and set the compressor to about 3 o'clock (adjust it to your taste) and turn on phat mode and turn up the tube knob on the distortion just a touch. This should fatten them up abit more and add a little more warmth.

Good job though overall, with a little work this will be a real dope beat!


the idea how you looped it was pretty nice, but need to fix the chops a bit, you can hear the audio clicks and pops in it, which will give it an unprofessional feel to it. Can be lack of a precise cut in the waveform or can even be cleared up by a possible click pop filter. Adobe Audtion, or Pro Tools has functions to handle this. But I'd try to get the chops accurate as possible, and if still needed, use a click filter. Otherwise good beat here


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nice chops on the sample. It's different, but creative and fits in. It could use a clean up / cue up on the samples, but other than that everything fits seamlessly.
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It starts off real nice. The beat drops and it still sounds good but not in a way someone good rap over it. It would be really dope if the chops changed after like 4 bars of the beat dropping like they do halfway through the verse. Other than that this is nice. Very interesting piano sample. It changes up a lot too so it kept me interested.

Well done.

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The samples are dope, I like em alot, but clean it up just the slightest bit and you'll have a smooth flowing dope beat!


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I like this man. Dope chops (although you need to fix the popping as has already been mentioned). I especially like the second part, I think that's really sick. Love piano beats like that. I think you should change the drums up though, like some heavier and more full vinyl samples would fit the track nicely. You should compress the sample and sidechain it to the kick and the snare so that whenever they hit, the sample ducks. I also think this would add to the overall vibe of the track. The drums (esp hats) desire some groove, you should throw a slight swing on them. Nice track though.

Check out the track in my signature and drop a comment on it when you have a minute.