New album Ohms “Out the Smoke”


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I used to come here all the time back in the day. I’m dropping my album here for you guys. Leave some feedback, been doing this for awhile. I will give back good feedback.



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Hey man listening now. The flow is good. I wrote down some thoughts as I went through it.

1st track:
I feel like the mixing is lacking on the low end, the voice is carrying all the punch but was hoping that the beat would hit harder (from all the other tracks I heard, I think this is the only one that). I like the beat and the pitch modulation on the chord progression just wanting some punch.

2nd track:
I like the flow on this one a lot also. The mixing in this one is more balanced and how your voice is coming out. Really nice feel.

3rd track:
Beat hits hard! Digging this quite a bit that bass got me bobbing my head. Is the melody through the whole track? I feel like breaking it up could've made it more interesting.

4th track:
This beat is smooth, I love the soul feel to it, real atmospheric. The hook in this I feel might have the potential to be catchier.

That's it for now. Great job overall.