Need some guidance with this one !!

What's up FP fam !! Got a minor problem just need some guidance on it .
Scenario: I just officially sold my first track to a local artist(un-signed), Do I need some type of paperwork for it, secondly the track that was sold has some vocal samples in it and I'm not sure if I need, better yet want to copyright it. So what type of paperwork should I use, I'm thinking maybe a artist/producer agreement but I'm not sure. Can you guys help me out, it will be much appreciated. Thanks Fam!!!


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But yeah, Dwells is right. A split sheet is in order. This is a simple doc that outlines everyone that was involved in writing the song and making the beats. Split sheet would include who you sampled too. Actually check this out...

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It'll give you access to free split sheet templates (there's a lot of other stuff too, but it will give you access to really sweet split sheet templates that I've been using for years)

About copyrighting it. You don't HAVE to, but it's a good idea to do so. It's just added protection for you down the road in case anyone tries to come into the picture and claim that they had something to do with the song. Especially important if song becomes a hit.

About the vocal samples. Well, this ones tricky because you should ALWAYS clear your samples, especially if the sample is obvious. If you song becomes a hit, then the people you sampled will come looking for you for sure.

Now about actually selling the beat. Yes, a producer agreement is perfect. This is a bit different than the split sheet. The split sheet simple puts down everyone's name who had anything to do with producing the song. But the producer agreement will outline your actual services as a producer.

Again, if you want to check out those split sheets and other stuff that will help your situation out, check this out.
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Really hope this helps.


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