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Hi everyone, I am currently looking for a new computer (preferably an all in one or desktop) and could really use some advice/suggestions. My budget is around $1300 and I will be using cubase 7, eventually upgrading to cubase 9.5 or whatever version will be available when I decide to spend money on upgrading my DAW (if I ever do). Anyways, I need something that can handle a lot of VSTs, especially Kontakt 5 and drum VSTs like EZdrummer. I’ve been considering an iMac but I am more familiar with PCs. That’s not really my concern though. I just want something that will handle large projects and lots of VSTs with ease, quickness, and reliability. I’ve really been leaning towards the all-in-one computers, but wouldn’t mind going with a desktop tower if the specs are noticeably better.

Two models I’ve been comparing currently are these:

21.5” iMac-latest model
intel-core i5 3.4ghz
1tb fusion drive

(Sorry, wish I could post links but I’m brand new to this forum and I don’t have 5 posts yet)

The 3.4ghz model is currently on sale for the same price as the 3.0ghz model. My concern with this is that it’s an i5 where I’d really prefer an i7.


HP - Pavilion 27" Touch-Screen All-In-One
8 Intel Core i7-8700T processor
2.4ghz processor speed
12GB system memory
1tb storage
1000gb HD storage
HDD storage type
Touchscreen (no biggie but a bonus)

Would there be a noticeable difference between the 2.4ghz on this model vs the iMac’s 3.4ghz?

I would greatly appreciate any advice/suggestions or even recommendations on any another options that I might have missed within this price range.

Thank you in advance!

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Usually OS X runs much more stabile than Windows. Most of the professional studios use Apple devices. From this point of view I would recommand the iMac.
There is also the possibility of building a computer with well selected hardware that can handle OS. Might this make sense to you?


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well i have a i7-6700 cpu and a cheap h110 motherboard with 8gb of ram, 240gb intel ssd and a 2tb computer runs ableton live 9.5 really well and fast..90% of the time.

Things i would change:
I would add more ram, 16gb should be the minimum for working with audio (kontakt).
I would also buy a pci-e ssd for working with kontakt and superior drummer and some other heavy vst's
I would change my motherboard so it can support 3ghz ram sticks

for now my computer runs really well and those changes are for the future.

Now i can tell you, better buy a computer with more ram (16gbs) and 2 storages, SSD for plugins and HDD for your personal info and daws projects.

The 8700T is a slower version of the 8700, i know it has 6 cores but i would buy a faster cpu..

that's it, i don't speak english very well but hope it helped you.

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