Need feedback on what to practise more on.. Got a few songs


That sounds OK the drums do sound quite static/robotic.
How are you writing them?
What It sounds like to me is that you have put down a 4 on the floor to write to then added some hats and snare to it?
Are you writing a drum track and then writing the song over it or trying to fit drums over what you have played
I guess it depends on what mood you are trying to create.
For example if you're trying to get it to drive you need to just get the Bass and the Beat working together.
Mute everything else and just get that Bass and Drums driving.
Once thats driving it along what you put over it is just the icing on the cake.
Try an extra BD on the off beat and a few skip snares and vary where they hit and take the velocities down or up to accent.
If you write a beat try changing it up every 2nd or 3rd bar.
Not suggesting this is the beat just an example of how to make if sound random when it isn't
eg B=BD H=Closed HH /=bar 4/4

edit sometimes pulling the snares and hi hats forward or pushing them back a 3 or 4 counts( not beats) whilst keeping the Bd on the beat can make the beat sound sharp and on the attack or layed back
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I will try to play around with diffrent drum patterns to see if i find something that works better for my style.
Im also very unsue how/where to use snares in EDM.

What u said made sense when it came to trying to improve the volume of my track, just close my eyes and listen and im sure that could work for baseline+drums to ^^.

Thx for input if u have any links u think is good feel free to let me know <3