Need advice on sampler / sequencer


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Hey guys,

I've been slowly trying to build a little analog rig, got a few cheap synths (microKORG and a minibrute) + a volca beats. Please pardon my limited knowledge on all things hardware as i'm still grappling with all the components and getting a synced rig together.

A friend has a casio sk-1 and i totally get lost just playing with that thing. The limitation of the instrument (a very short sample length) can actually be a creative tool, but of course the 8 bit sound, lack of memory to save samples is a down side.

I've really taken to sampling as an art form and my interest in Hip Hop has increased big time because I'm starting to appreciate the art of sampling. This has led to an interest in hardware samplers - i'm totally digging the MPCs (and am looking at the mpc 1000 as a possibility).

After watching a lot of videos on the functioning of the MPC 1000, I think there are enough features + workflow aspects that make it attractive. But I just thought if anyone here has other suggestions for samplers which are better suited to time stretching for more ambient music as well (even sampler keyboards which aren't in fashion anymore), i'm all ears. I'm guessing the sample speed up / slow down feature would be there on the mpc as well

The other need I have is for a sequencer that can keep all the synths in sync. Again the MPC could do the trick for all these purposes, but some reassurance from experienced users would help. Would it be better to get some other piece of gear (not too expensive) - like a break out midi box which can be the clock host dedicated to this purpose?

Lastly .. I do have a mac and work on logic ... the whole point of this is to have a completely hardware rig (me and my friends are experimenting with a totally analog synth + drum machine set up) .. I know there are some people who feel there are enough ways to use software and still be hands on (N.I machine etc) ..

I live all the way in India and every piece of gear I get has to be thought through .. looking to spend a maximum of $600 for the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help :)


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I say go ahead and move forward with your gut, the older MPC models.
The newer versions are very reliant upon software, which really takes away from their magic if youre not into that type of setup.


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Korg makes a small sampling keyboard that seems to fit your current trend of equipment that you have. Peace be with you.............Rob Mixx


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I'd say get the 2500 which is basically the 1000's big brother. but the 1k is nice aswell, either of those is a good entry level MPC. I've used the 3000, 60, 2000xl and a SP1200 but all these machines have limitations you have to work around but the 1000/2500 seem to have the perfect amount of features for a first MPC.