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Hi all. I am a DJ who spins house, trance and garage. After getting sick of being able to just seamlessly beat mix :) :) :), I have decided to try producing my own stuff and adding into my sets. Am a total newbie to the music production thing so forgive me if i appear ignorant (thats cuz i am ignorant about samplers) . However, have a couple of needs (wants)which need to be kept in mind.

1. No PCs!!! Don't wanna go that route, should be as close to a do-it-all box as possible.
2. Live performance orientated, eg trigger samples on the fly, playing with knobs for effects etc etc.
3. Needs to double as an effects box (korg kaoss pad on steroids)
4. Able to produce and make my own music eg sequencer.
5. Should be in one or at the most 2 boxes, hopefully portable.
6. Should have a large selection of knobs (knobs rule!), good syth sounds and hopefully, a relatively easier interface.

So far after looking at the current state of affairs, i seem to have narrowed it down to a Yamaha RM1X with a SU700 (big beat maker with sampler), or the new RS7000(all in one box). Which setup would i be better off with? Anybody know how the RS7000 will work in a live situation? Any suggestions with other equipment, comments, flames would be welcome. Thanks in advance guys!!!


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Get the RS7000 indeed, fits all your needs! Rm1x is a nice sequencer but not a real good sound source. The sounds of the RS7000 will be way better!


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RS features plenty of KNOBS!!!! and sample-playback pads, plus a built-in eFX unit and 16-part, 62-note polyphonic sample-amd-synthesis-based synth engine (including 6 filter types). what else do you need? MIDI data can be input in grid, step, or real-time modes, and appregiators and MIDI delay eFXs may be applied. crazy!!! I'm getting one myself.
It it just kewl the way it looks and works.

All i want to ask is WHEN are they gonna RELEASE it?

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You won't get very much 'originality' from those kinds of boxes. Although you can sample your own sounds and the like - you ain't got very much in the way of versatility.

Oh hang on i forgot - you're doing TRANCE. you don't need originality.



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It all depends on what you do with it... You CAN get originality, but most ppl who buy it use only preset sounds and preset patterns. Nobody says you have to, you CAN create own sounds, own patterns, ... You juts gotta do it and not be satisfied with using those preset patterns all the time! Just don't be lazy and be creative.