Nasty Clicks!


Crazy Clubber
I'm experiencing problems with my output. It clicks!!!
Mostly in Reality. It's nasty I hate it help me!!


original JOKER
:( don't know what to say u might have to update the soundcard drivers.

since u did fresh install recently

I know u use lots of softsynths sometimes they have clicks in them.

How do they sound (the clicks that is)? i can't advise u any more unless i hear the output myself :(

Sorry i couldn't be any more helpful Chriss


Crazy Clubber
I've fixed it in the normal waveoutput with some new drivers, but not in the directx output.

mano 1

Staff member
That's cool Chriss.. those nasty audio channels man... Audio cards are NOT good enough yet. They should all come with 10 audio channels available in applications (to select a different one in each program, so they run independently).

Take care man, glad you got it working


Crazy Clubber
Yes, I can't believe it can be so hard to make. It's the most obvious thing since the wheel and the stop of having people delivering milk to your doorstep. (jesus!)