My New Beat... Your Thoughts?


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Hello my friends! :victory:check this crazy Trap beat Beat instrumental called "Shredder" prod by my friend Dirty Keller


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Hi Dm Productions

How long have you been producing? First of all I can tell that you have an ear for tones, since nothing was off-tune, so thats good. The main melody is a bit too loud in my opinion. I couldn't listen to it more than twice. Also its not clear to me how you arranged the beat, and where the different sections are. So maybe you should work on arranging your beats. Just take a listen to your favourite songs and see how many bars the verse, bridge and hook has, and then try to reverse-engineer that. Thats what I would suggest for you to work on for your next beat (y) :-) Good that you decided to go back to making music again. Its always a pleasure. Good luck!

Here is the thread to my beat: