My first camera decision plz help!!!!


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most of the time when you see that "lag or distortion" it's due to the fact that it's been uploaded to the internet and the vid has been compressed to save space and for streaming purposes. i suggest a canon. it doesn't do all that double flashing when takin pix like the nikons and sony's and it's a lot faster then HP's, kodaks, and others. i had an hp and a kodak and took'em both back and got a canon. i know people with all other cameras, and my elph is always better. for $300, look at thier digital elph series, i has an sd100 when they first came out, and if i had not lost the battery i'd still be using it. now i had an sd1000 and i love it. feels the same as the 100 just takes bigger pix, and has face detection, which is pretty cool. casio makes the exlim series, i know they are kinda fast, not sure if they do the double flash thing, but they are small and good for on-the-go stuff. at the time, the sd100 was about the smallest cam out, now there are lots of small cams. but i still like the elph series. i'm partial to canon tho, i have a GL2 vid cam too, so i just like the way thier optics look, i guess cause they are actual camera makers and didn't just start makin cams when the digi revolution rolled around. go to the store and play with all the different cams. i also like the SD series cause i have lots of other electronics that take the SD card, so i can use the same cards with all my stuff.


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Canon is the best and now, you can get a good one for about $100 - $150. Also, it depends on the frames per second that you set the camera while making the video, thats waht makes it run smoothly or have breaks...I can help you with any more camera decisions. I own a Canon SD 630 and a CANON 40D ($1200) because I'm also into professional photography...just hit me up at if you have any more questtions...


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u can take picz on a canon video camera.. i use it 4 making moviez n u can take fotoz wit it too n jus edit em on fotoshop to touch em up.. jus a thought.. i got mine yearz ago n it costed bout 250