MusicRadar: "New T-RackS EQs are excellent and sonically distinctive"


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MusicRadar: "New T-RackS EQs are excellent and sonically distinctive"
[h=4]"Excellent EQ and pre-amp emulations with its own sound"[/h]

together with Computer Music have reviewed the new T-RackS EQ 73 and EQ 81 models in their July 2014 edition. They have been highly impressed by both modules. Here are some of their key comments:

"Full component modelling of all gain stages, including the preamp and its saturation properties ... this should get us very close to the sound of the real thing."
"Routed through a frequency analyser, the plugin exhibits greater third-harmonic distortion when pushed hard in Mic mode - adding a bit of presence, just as you'd get with the real thing."
"We particularly like EQ 81 on acoustic guitar, vocals and piano, whereas the '73 excels at transforming snares and kicks, and adding a bit of grit to basses."
and the final verdict is

"[The EQ 73 is] an excellent Neve EQ and preamp emulation, with its own sound. The EQ 81 is also worth owning if you can stretch to it ... the two are certainly different enough to justify having both in your arsenal"

T-RackS EQ 73 and 81 modules receive 4.5 out of 5 stars score

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