MusicRadar get hands-on (literally!) and magical with iRing


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MusicRadar get hands-on (literally!) and magical with iRing
[h=4]"An exciting step forward for serious MIDI control!"[/h]

have eagerly been awaiting their chance to try out iRing since it was announced earlier in the year. Expert reviewer Ronan MacDonald has been able to get his hands, and fingers, on one of the first to arrive. Was he impressed?

Here are some of his key comments:

"It's every bit as straightforward yet flexible as it sounds, and in our testing, using Ableton Live, we had a great time flinging all manner of instrument, effect, clip and mixer parameters around."

"The app [iRing FX/Controller] turns iRing into a deeply-configurable MIDI controller for manipulating MIDI-compatible apps on your iOS device, as well as DAWs, plugins and standalone instruments and effects on your Mac, via Virtual MIDI, Wi-Fi or a physical MIDI interface."

"In the couple of hours we've spent messing around with iRing so far, we're more impressed than we expected to be - it has the potential to be an exciting step forward not only for iOS-based music production but more serious MIDI control."

"The feeling you get from controlling, say, a synth's filter cutoff, resonance and delay depth with one hand, while actually playing it with the other can only be described as quasi-magical."

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