music producer contract questions


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i see thses contracts for sale at and would like to know if anybody here uses these and are they a good idea. the two types that i would probably use would be the ones for 'no roylaty/song rights' for unsigned local talent and 'royalty/song rights' for major label artists. but these contracts are $40 and another $20 for the explanation of the contract. is this reasonable pricing because i really don't know.

and. . .

the terms of the 'no royalty/song rights' contract has these three terms:

1. producer will not receive a roylty from the sale of records

2. producer will retain the copyright of the music

3. producer will receive a mechanical royalty form the sale of records as writer of the music.

what is the difference between 1 and 3?

also, what % would a producer get from each?

thanx in advance.