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So I'm a freshman at Drexel University and my major was business undeclared. I really couldn't get into it and I was rejected from the music industry major before because of how competitive it is to get into it. However, I emailed the head of the department and got a call yesterday at lunch to go meet with him at 2 30. Turns out that someone dropped out and I got their spot! So now I'm a music industry major and finally learning about what I truly have a passion for. I'm so happy. I go to class and am eager to learn for the first time.....ever.

Just thought I'd share that here.


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Thanks guys, appreciate it. I also just got my MPC1000 off of ebay. It's pretty banged up and needs new pads cuz the 3rd one hardly works. Anyone know how much they go for and where I can get them?


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I looked it up on their website, because at first it sounded odd "Music Industry Major" but after reading it, it sounds, odd. I don't know, I mean they don't really focus on one area, Here's text form the Drexel site:

"About the curriculum
The music industry curriculum is divided into four areas which are combined with co-operative experience: general education, music core, music industry core requirements, and concentration requirements.

In an industry where the process of career building often begins with a few key contacts, the co-operative education program provides Drexel students the chance to begin meeting people and networking. The program prepares students for employment in the music industry in such diverse positions as recording engineer, sound engineer, sound designer, music lawyer, business manager, personal manager, and music publisher. By working in various aspects of the industry, the co-op experience involves two three-month periods of full-time career-related employment, where students gain valuable insight into how the entertainment industry works.

About the concentrations
The music industry program of study combines mastery of the art form with practical preparation for employment. The major offers three areas of concentration: Music Industry Business, Music Industry Technology, and Music Industry Entertainment Pre-Law Production. Each student chooses from among these options to build an individual program of study that can be focused toward a specific career goal:
  • The Music Industry Business concentration provides a rigorous academic foundation complemented by a real-world hands-on, highly-intensive business experience. This mission is realized through the students' participation in MAD Dragon Records, DraKO Booking Agency, MAD Dragon Publishing, MADKo Concert Promotions and a digital record label.
  • The Music Industry Technology concentration focuses on the techniques and technologies of music and audio production found in record, television, and advertising industries. As well as providing the technology-oriented student with the necessary skills to perform as an audio engineer and record producer, the concentration teaches students how to conduct the studio management and production company management business. The concentration encourages the technology student to interact with the students in the other concentrations by recording music for the business entities, engaging in live performance technological activities, and mixing and mastering the recorded music product.
  • The Music Industry Entertainment Pre-Law concentration focuses on the legal aspects of the current state of the music industry, introducing the student to basic, yet vital legal doctrines and skills that are used and discussed in the day-to-day operations of typical music industry entities— including issues regarding intellectual property. This concentration can prepare students for a Juris Doctor program."

It just seems like it would make you a jack off trades... but I could be wrong, I'd like to see what the actual curriculum is. either way congrats on getting back in bro. Keeps us (or at least me) posted on your expeiriences. I'd like to see how in depth they go into the audio engineering and legal aspect of the program.


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Well between those three areas of concentration, we have to pick one by the end of this year. I'm pretty sure I'll be concentrating in Music Technology. However, they still make us take music business courses so we can learn copyright laws and all that jazz. I'll definitely let you know how it goes though, thanks for the link too.