+ Macs + QT ?


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Some mac users here using QT4 on ?

I've no problems playing or downloading mp3s from other sites, but I got a lot of problems with, sometimes it works and sometimes not !!! If I download the track on my HD, the player didn't want to read it...Winamp doesn't work too...and when it loads in the browser page (netscape communicator), I got the QT logo, the track is loading, but no controllers and no sound ?
I've tried to see the help section and messages boards in but didn't find a working solution...(their help section is just a pain in the ... !). The MIME types in my browser seem to be good !

Please helpppp meeeeee ! :(


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Hey nook is ur QT4 the default player for mp3's if so change that. i would strongly recomemd using real player instead then u can have best of both worlds, i see if any of my mac user friends have trouble with it QT u could go backwards to 3 because i had problem on PC with 4 so i removed it and used 3.
I'll ask my friend pierre(no he's not french) because he only uses mac's, for some alternavite mp3 players for u


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Thanx Ade !

Well I mostly have problems with QT when I'm on !

I think the real player is not free...tell me if I'm wrong...

Now I don't go anymore at, I was tired to download tracks with my low 56K modem and couldn't read them after !