Most Underated Producer

Dé Von

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Black Milk. He was a game changing producer in terms of albums and concepts. I've always considered him to the the Underground Kanye


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I have to go with Just Blaze. He's one of my favourite producers of all time and produces alot of music today we dont know about + hes days producing for the R.O.C (Jay Z around 1999-2003) are some the best beats ive heard, classics included.


P on the boards
P on the boards have some ill shit. Like not just beats but something like reggae and house shit - and he's really cool with his own style.

No doubt Apollo B, Apathy, Black Milk - are underrated - even 9th wonder but he ill like mf...

imo. sadly people just dont give a f*ck about producers, right?


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Harry Love
Busta Rhymes
Lewis Parker (produced Shakey Dog on fishscale)

plus many more

I'll second Harry Love!
Big fan of the 'Ill Move Sporadic' boys as well; every album they've produced is dope.
LeafDog is a bit of a UK legend too. Definitely hoping he gets a shot on Rhythm Roulette (Mass Appeal) at some point.
Jack Danz (pretty local to me) is also very dope and hugely underrated.

Lots of underrated producers here in the UK to be fair.


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Lord Digga, also Godfather Don, Kutmasta Kurt, E-Swift (he did some amazing stuff for Heltah Skeltah & O.G.C.), Dr. Butcher (Kool G Rap's old producer), Vinyl Reanimators, Joe Quixx, Thayod Ausar, Vooodu! (Western HemisFEAR), Single Minded Pros and Chester Chopperpot.


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Listen to the "why you hate the game sample" and then go listen to how he chopped it and tell me that shit isn't genius
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