MORE bounce to the ounce claps


Mad Sicc

how can I go about makin them, I dont wanna sample em cuz I already tried and all of the claps seem to be overlapped with undesirable sounds like a synth that I can't EQ out without losing the soul of the clap, or if anybody can give me a song wit a clean ZAPP soundin clap hit in it
what's a zap clap, have you got an mp3 demo, I have tons of drum samples, might have the sound you are after.
man zapp is the shiz! If you want that kinda clap, its about 4-5 claps layered, all slightly off from each other. It will take some playin around but just bounce back and forth from the zapp song to ur beat.

Hope this helped
i've tried layering, it doesnt come out as natural as Zapp's, but ill keep at it, and Delphine, the server aint lettin me upload a sample of da song, but if you can, listen to More Bounce To The Ounce By Zapp And Roger, and if you got that clap, pleaz homie get at me wit a quikness cuz i'm dyin to get that sound..... thanx
Well, a clue is that there was a studio session of a bunch of people clapping at the same time. So, it might not be something you can re-create digitally. I think you might have to re do it with yourself and a bunch of peeps or just record yourself clapping and overlay it a few times.