Moombahton Remix #1 "Devilz Night"


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So, a friend sent a track of his to some people that makes beats and asked for a remix...instead of going the typical hip hop route, I decided to give this a shot.. I've come across this "Moombahton" sub-genre and..well, check out the track and let me know what you think. What could be better? What could I do to improve it? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, and WILL BE RETURNED.

Thank you

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Very nice! Love the low wavy sounds, I don't know if that's explaining it well xD But I love it. Real catchy! The piano that came in was nice! Real funky at 2:30!! Way to mix it up a bit keep it up man!

-Thanks for already checking out mine!
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i like the beat alot, the lyrics that come in through the song every now and then throw me off a bit but the beat is catchy. nice job bro


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i like the beat alot, the lyrics that come in through the song every now and then throw me off a bit but the beat is catchy. nice job bro

I got an e-mail from someone I know, asking to do a remix for instead of doing the normal hip hop type shit I would normally do,I decided to surprise them lol...So, thats why the lyrics are in there. I thought I'd scrap the verses, but still use the chorus.

thanks for checking it out tho! I appreciate the feedback


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Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad to have gotten positive reviews thus far lol

Alot of times I feel like I'm missing something in my beats....does anyone else feel that way about this one? My main concern was the breakdowns/buildups...I'm still new to those


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real unique bro. feelin the effect on that "dance dance" part. really dope track. this should be played in the club.


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This is definitely different, but good! I've heard a few moombahton tracks, and this is definitely moombahton. Great job using a variety of elements in this one.


Never heard of the moombahton genre before, so my comments might not be as helpful as others'. I like the rhythm.. it has a nice groove to it. Some of the sounds are little odd.. kind of cheezy. I mean the melodic component of the sound works... it's just very old school video gamish.. but again, I don't know what this genre is supposed to sound like. I do like how you switch things up throughout the song, that component is always a plus regardless of the genre. You definitely have skill.. But the style isn't really my taste. The mix sounds great though, good track overall.


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Dope beat mayn. Reminds me a bit of South African house. You should definitely check out if you like this style.
The only thing I may recommend which could be dope is having the beat playing for a while without the drums. I mean the drums are cool, but a few drum cuts here and there for a few seconds is always a nice and easy variation, especially on these types of beats where the drum patterns are simpler.

Just returning the feedback mayn. Appreciated yours!


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Thanks for the feed bro!

- A lot of bounce to the track
- I like the percussion and all the accent elements
- When the pianos come in, that was dope
- I also like the main melody BTW
- All the drum elements match the beat very well
- Arrangement is nice as well

Unusual but very unique! Good job bro