Mixing with headphones and a headphone amp (Sound Coloration?)


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I am mixing soley in the box (kind of poor at the moment) and was wondering how much effect will coloration of my headphone amp sound will dictate the sound. If it is a high quality amp and I have 250 ohms headphones used in omegle xender mixing, will the song I make (If properly mixed) played back on other systems sound very similar or can the coloration in sound, sound drastically different on other systems? It might be a dumb question/might be overthinking it. I guess if you balanced the mix right it shouldn't be too much night and day... right?? Maybe the higher frequency instruments sound a bit different?
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There's a lot to unpack there. Your amp and your headphones might 'fool' you but ultimately they are not coloring anything other than your perception of the mix decisions you are making. If you know your headphones and amp really well you can make the right decisions. But that is based on you hearing lots of reference material you like in the exact same headphones. You're over-thinking it a bit but for a very specific reason.

That's what leads me to my next thought though.....which headphones? Open? Closed? IEM (in-ear)? Are they quality headphones with a full range?