[Mixing tips & 20% off] When you should be using saturation over EQ in your mixes


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Hi Future Producers,

We wanted to pass by the forum to share something with you.

We, the denise team, like to talk about production ideas in our regular team meetings. One topic which kept coming up in our conversations was examples of where saturation could be used in place of where EQ is commonly applied. After a deep search online, we discovered that there was no really comprehensive guide explaining this... so we decided to make one.

As well as writing out the technique, we also asked some of our favourite YouTube producers to record a video for one of our 5 tips, in order to illustrate how to carry out the technique.

In the following blog, the denise team will explain:

- What saturation is.
- How it technically works.
- How it can be used in replacement of EQ, with how-to examples.



Get producing and grab the God Mode Push-Pull saturation plugin from the denise store at 20% off this weekend only, with the code: GM20

We hope you find this an interesting read and happy producing,
denise audio