Mixing in 3 easy steps?! I bet you will imagine music production in a new way from today!


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How to mix a track? Can we do it easily? Yes, we can. It doesn't take rocket and science knowledge to do it! I am sharing my knowledge here. Do read! Cheers!!!

Mixing and mastering is an essential part of music production and its process.​

After the instrumental is created or we need to mix it with the vocals and then master the track before we can release it for the audience.​

Mixing is mainly done in order to get a crisp and clear sound. Whereas mastering is done for making the sound more fat and lively.​

See this video to know how mixing can be done easily.​

I have first made a drum beat​

Second step is to open the mixer. We can do it using the menu option on top just right to pattern 1.​

Third I have started playing the beat using the play button.​

We can clearly see that the 4 channels are played in the mixer. Now, we need to just listen to what sounds good and then adjust the volume. Its a trial and error sort of technique. Whatever sounds good, keep that! Remember, audience love listening to simple tracks which are comfortable in listening!​

Done with the volume?! Next what I have done here is added a Fruity Parametric EQ 2 to one of the channel. And then adjusted the low and the high ends. Even though I used my computer speakers and not my studio monitors, I understood that the sound is changing a lot. And the sound is much more clear and crisp now.​

For me, I bet, there's very few successful artists who know the technical aspects of the sound engineering. This is how they do it! Trial and error! Obviously, after spending more than 20 years in the industry, you will get to know much more. But this tutorial is for getting started and releasing your track so that the audience can listen to some raw and good quality music. Once you have built your reputation of producing good quality tracks, you will see how people start showing love to your music and then you know what to do ahead!​

If you are seeing this video, pls do not judge by the sound in earphones. This tutorial is just for making you understand the concept of how it works. You may use a headphone when mixing your track.

EQ is enough for getting started. You can also use delay, reverb (something Avicii used quite often).​

Click to see the video tutorial

Thanks for reading. I will be coming up with the mastering tutorial in a few days time. Don't forget to sign up for more such easy tutorials!​