Mixing engineer toolkit (articles, tutorials, etc)


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wow so much I still have to learn.... ughhh

it never stops...if by chance you do stop learning, you either gave up, or just aren't doin it right lol i been making beats for almost 6 or 7 years, mostly as a hobby..but have always been determined to learn as much as possible..whether its making beats, mixing, whatever..i still learn new shit literally every day...places like this website help a bunch..even if you dont necessarily learn something, you might still pick up a new technique, or way to do something you already know....ya know? the more you learn, more you realize you dont know shit lol so much good information out there.....great post/thread by the way


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What up my fellow Producers, I've been making beats and recording for about 8-9 years now (mainly just got a home studio) and here's something that might help you guys in mixing, mastering, or even learning how to use your effects (whether it's software or hardware). Don't laugh but I picked up "Home Recording for Musicians For Dummies" (funny as hell yeah I know), but I'm telling you read it from front to back. It took my mixing, mastering, beat making, etc. to a whole new level. This book gives away all of the secrets: from EQing for instruments, male and female vocals, compression, reverb, mic placement and the list goes on. It tells you actual settings (of course you've gotta have a somewhat decent treated environment) which I use as reference or my starting point before I adjust accordingly. Bottomline it'll improve your sound. I can't post the link yet but just google it it'll come up. I got the 2nd Edition, I think there's a newer one out now. I hope I'm able to shed some light on this stuff.


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Gees, this is an amazing Thread! I'm definately gonna use all of this, and to add some info, if you get the chance, the book "The Zen and Art of Mixing" by MixerMan is full of incredible knowledge!

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Sony d, Wave bundles r never free, unless cracked, but then its pointless for anything other than personal practice. Great plug-ins though!