Mixing advice - balancing between mono and stereo


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Hi all,

I heard one of my tracks recently on one of those BOSE portable Bluetooth speakers and it was trash. So I reset everything and mixed in mono. Now it sounds pretty decent which I'm happy with. However when I now flip it into stereo some of the mixer tracks sound really loud! These are the tracks that have some substantial stereo components (eg organs, leads). One of the "easy" way outs is to do some mid-side processing and reduce the volume of the side output - however all this does is remove those nice wider elements and reduces it to a mono track. Any advice on how to maintain a decent mono track whilst still getting a rich stereo output that isn't unbalanced? (I'm using FL Studio if that matters)


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My two cents are:
You have to stabilize the mix and make compromises. Instead of just doing S/M correction, flip between mono and stereo when mixing and strike a loudness balance. You might not get what you want, but your mix will become more portable (will sound the same* on many sources)

*Not identical but similar