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i'm currently upgrading my computer to a g4 and i was wondering which method of setup for my equipment i should use.
my setup comprises of:
novation drumstation
behringer virtulizer
behringer modulizer
cheetah sx16
yamaha ys100

should i use a standard 2in 2 out usb interface and use midi thrus or should i opt for a usb interface with more outs.
if i went for a 2x2 interface would it be better to use a midi thru box instead of the midi thrus on the back of the equipment

also i am currently running my x5dr through a serial port and korg tell me that the editor does not recognise usb, is there anything i can do besides installing a serial port pci card?
any help would be appreciated



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If i had your stuff, i would do this

Sequencer on my G4: Logic Audio

And then a Logic AMT8, an USB 8x8 midi interface.

The nice thing about the AMT8 is that it speaks directly to your Logic Audio, and makes it possible to have Logic Audio send your midi information to your AMT8 ***before*** you actually need it, and let the AMT8 take care of relaying the midi information ***in time*** to your equipment...

Midi is a serial protocol, and USB is serial too... So theoretically it would be impossible to have two or more synths responding at the same time... The AMT8 and Unitor8 (=AMT8 + extra sync possibilities) however can send out midi information parrallel over their 8 outs and ins...

If you're not really keen on using Logic Audio, you can use the AMT8 also on cubase and cakewalk, but without the perfect sync technology... In that case, midi interfaces from MOTU are also a solution...

The important thing is: if you buy a 2x2 midi interface, you won't be able to use all of your equipment simultaneously... a 8x8 interface is more expensive, but in the long run you'll end up cheaper cuz you'll need a 8x8 anyway when you expand your gear and the 2x2 will become obsolete...

just my 2 cents


You might think that directly going for a 8x8 is a bit over the top... but i only have a sampler and a synth and logic audio on my 'puter and some cheap fx module... but if you do a quick count:

synth: 1 midi in, 1 midi out
sampler: 2 midi in, 2 midi out
fx module: 1 midi in, 1 midi out

that are 4 ins and 4 outs... suppose i get a cheap drum machine from somewhere, that'll make 5 in 5 out...

a yamaha 01v to digitally mix stuff totals 6 in 6 out

nord lead? ad another 1 in and 1 out...

and most 8x8 interfaces are all rack mountable, and so is my sampler, fx unit, amp, and probably a lot more when i continue adding stuff to my 'studio' :)

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cheers for the reply
i have looked at the amt8 and the motu range but i am curious about the problems with usb interfaces

also i prefer to use cubase so i will have to use oms to control the usb interfaces, have you encountered any problems with oms and usb interfaces, as oms is still in 68k code, is freemidi better?

what do you think to using a serial port pci card?

i've been thinking of th sx pro serial card (4 ports) as my korg can be controlled and edited through a serial port and i don't want to lose the computer based editing features otherwise it'd mean editing everything through sys ex which i don't particularily want to do when there is already a mac editor


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sorry i forgot to mention i've still got serial midi ports from my old mac that's the reason i'm looking at serial cards so i don't have to buy new midi interfaces