MIDI Klowd Releases Free Retro Ambient Sample Pack (Loops & Shots)


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MIDI Klowd has released another free audio sample pack, this time catered to Ambient music producers.

Retro Ambient Loops & One-Shots includes 55 inspiring loops and 32 individual one-shot samples in WAV format, all geared towards crafting Ambient music with a vintage, retro vibe. These audio elements have been meticulously crafted using classic analogue synthesizers and drum machines and draw inspiration from pioneers in the ambient music genre such as Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Ashra.

This sample pack is a valuable resource that can enhance your music, whether you’re an experienced producer seeking a touch of nostalgia for your compositions or an aspiring artist starting your ambient music journey.

You can download this free audio sample pack directly from the MIDI Klowd website here: https://midiklowd.com/ambient-chill-audio-sample-packs