MIDI keyboard with pads or pad controller for FL


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Hi guys! Please, help me out with this one!! I am a happy owner of Yamaha PSR-433, bought it almost 1 year ago just for learning piano, and recentrly understood that do not use even half of what this keyboard can do, started use it as a MIDI device for fruity loops, and it seems like I have replace this one with something that has pad on its panel. And I am not sure if I should buy a solid pad controller (like something from Akai APC product line). I thought on buying Alesis primesound.org/best-61-key-midi-controller/ because reviews were good but guess 8 pads is not enough. So... The question is what semi-professional equipment can you advice?? Keyboard is very inconvinient when I assign samples to the particular keys.
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Keyboards with nicely weighted keys and good velocity sensitivity can work great as "beat pads". However, if the feel of the keyboard isn't cutting it for you, I'd keep the keyboard and get a beat pad on the side rather than going for something that's a compromise in-between the two. Just my opinion based on experience, the keyboard pad combos generally have don't have enough pads or keys for what I want to do.