MIDI controllers with movement?


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Hi future Producers !

I am a student doing research about new MIDI controllers, they are changing the music industry at the moment by adding an extra dimension to producing and performing. The purpose of this is exclusively research, so no sales-purposes. It would be very helpful if you can answer these questions.

OWOW’s MIDI controllers are fully designed for playing your computer intuitive. They work by translating movements in sounds and effects, like waves/sketches/airdrums and three-dimensional MIDI controllers. The focus is quality and playful, which makes them unique.

  • 1. What is your role in the music industry?

  • 2. What changes do you see in the (electronic) music market?

  • 3. Which social-media platforms do you use for your profession?

  • 4. Have you heard of OWOW before?

    • 5. What did you already know about MIDI controllers?

    • 6. Would you buy this product if it needs to be shipped from Europe?

    • 7. How long are you willing to wait for the products to be delivered?

    • 8. Do you think MIDI controllers will help better the quality of your performance?

    • 9. In your opinion, what make this product different from the other companies?

    • 10. Would you use a product like this?

    • 11. How much would you pay for a product like this?
      12. Have you ever seen a similar product?
      13. Do you think there are a lot of competitors for this product?
      14. Would you like to say something else regarding this interview?

Thank you so much
Dion (dutch student)