MIDI Connections, used to join hardware like this?


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Hi all,

Would appreciate if anyone could tell me if I'm understanding MIDI connections correctly or not.

I've had a Roland FA-08 for a few years now. I've been looking at other synths and their features/effects.
I'd like to route audio from my FA-08 through another synth with a bunch of effects knobs like oscillator etc.... Something like the Roland System M1.

I'm just unsure if I understand MIDI connections correctly... I might have misunderstood what the MIDI connections are for. I like to know before I shell out for new hardware.
Am I correct in thinking that the MIDI Out on the FA-08 can connect to the MIDI In on the System M1 and then i could connect USB from the System M1 to my PC?
Would that allow me to manipulate the output from the FA-08 with the effects on the System M1?

If I'm wrong about how MIDI connections work and what they're for, is there a way to achieve something like this?

Thanks in advance for any info/advice


Sorry I havent posted lately. Ive got a couple of projects Ive been working on and havent had time to revisit this again. I know about the Open Transport thing. You are correct but if I remember correctly I have that disabled already. Thanks for the tip. Ill have a look in the next few days.