Tom Rose

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I'm an engineering student and I've been tasked with creating a new product. So seeing as I've just got into music production about a year ago I though of doing something music related. I bought a Alesis Vmin 25 key MIDI keyboard and was worried about damaging it when carrying it around seeing as I travel alot and like to make music on the go. So I came up with the idea of developing a case for my MIDI. I have to do market research so Ive created a survey to gain some information from other producers. If anyone would be good enough to answer the survey I would be deeply grateful.

Survey Link: MIDI hard travel case product survey

Product Idea:

So the idea behind the whole project was that there are so many different types of MIDI available and they are expensive and worth protecting. The plan would be to be able to get a few simple dimensions of a customers MIDI, then using 3D printers to print a case that would be complete and sent to the customer in two days. Simple enough and straight forward. If anyone has any comments all feedback will help with my project.