MicroKORG XL and Audio In

Evan Saunders

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Hello Everyone,

I recently bought a MicroKORG and the Antares Harmony Engine to play with some harmonies in my vocal performances live, but I seem to be having issues getting my audio in onto my computer. I’m using MainStage, and my Korg is connected via USB. Does it need to be connected via MIDI or Line In to work? Or should the included XLR work? I’m very new to music production, and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




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Please explain exactly what you're trying to do, and exactly how you currently have things set up...



First things first: MIDI isn't sound. It's just "control data" - it tells a MIDI device which notes to play, for how long and so on - but there's zero information about the sound itself. If you send the same MIDI messages to different synths, they'll all play different sounds.

Second: the USB connection on the MKXL is for MIDI (and using the editor software on the computer), so it's essentially the same as using traditional DIN MIDI cables.

But yeah, the only way to get audio out of the synth is to use the, well, audio outs to your audio interface's line inputs.