Miami Area Producers And Engineers!


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I Am Looking For A Few Strong Producers / Engineers To Network And Build Something Amazing With!

I am a Pop/RNB Singer from Canada but I am moving to the USA and want to build a team to collaborate in person with.

Here Is A Sample Of My Work

I know how powerful the room is when making hit songs. The right energy and people can make all the difference in the world. That's why I am on a mission to find talented and passionate team members who want to build something great. My strengths are in performance, marketing, and networking so I need a creative to help me with my blind spots. I love RNB and Powerful Pop tracks Like this and this.

My goal is to innovate and experiment with the Club / RnB / Pop genre until we create something new and fresh.

I also LOVE reggaeton and dance music so that will play an inspirational role as well.

If you're in the south beach area or know someone who is would enjoy this opportunity don't hesitate to PM me!
i'm a producer and engineer from Jamaica hope that doesn't mean we can't work + who i produce with was Beenie man's bass player Worm for years if u want the real sound link up

something i did outside of dancehall