Metal the most stagnant genre?


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Seriously when I was younger I went to every metal show that came through town. I've seen every metal act that's currently touring. Huge metal fan when I was 15 all the way till I was 18. But it seems like other bands are just copying everyone's style.

I still have love for bands like BTBAM, The Acacia Strain, ALOL, Cannibal Corpse. I didn't like JFAC back then and I still don't today.

Anyone show me some good metal bands.

I'm looking for bands like this.... seems like not many like this anymore are around.


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you are right... one of the big reasons i got out of metal is that it all started sounding the same... guys playing the same sets every time they come out... albums all sounding the same, etc...


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A Plea for Purging is pretty good. Seeing them next month for the second but last time :( Their breaking up
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Necrophagist and Nile are up there for me. Everything else I'm into is just a guilty pleasure from my teens.


Metal has definitely gone down the crapper exponentially over the past 10 years. Its become almost pop in a sense in that its the same recycled 3 chord progression, predictable drums, and bland root bass dropped down 2 steps that sounds like nothing but a cluttered mess of distortion.

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metal lately is garbage. i'm all about 80s and 90s for the extreme shit and thrash and some of the 70s metal/hard rock bands.


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I used to be like a ridiculously over-the-top metalhead, and this post is the first time I'll admit that I was stupid to be so crazy about it. I still listen to my favourite particular songs (Cathedral Spires by Judas Priest, lots of Iron Maiden, lots of early Manowar) but I agree that it often sounds really samey.

Some artists have tried to make it evolve, i.e. Korn with their extremely average attempt at metal-step. Although I'm also an EDM producer, I personally don't like the metal-EDM crossovers so much. It feels more like a crossover than a logical/natural evolution. For more original sounding metal stuff, I'd recommend listening to maudlin of the Well (capitalised like that). It's sort of really smooth ambient stuff, and crazy avant-garde stuff at the same time. I think the future of metal is the collapse of genre boundaries, but influenced by heavier, more intense sounds. Of course, this is an ambitious dream considering how stubborn so many angry teenagers are, and sadly without them metal album sales would plummet.

Maybe everything will work out in the end, or maybe in 500 years time every angry teenager will still be copying Metallica :(


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stagnant?? i really hope you are joking. metal is anything BUT stagnant. You're just stuck in a small group of subgenres. Just get away from anything with the word "core" in it and you'll start discovering new things.

oh yea and to whoever mentioned Nile earlier :cheers:

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Maybe it is just natural to reach kind of boundaries of a style after some time... I mean, it is like we would all cry what happened to blues... you can still find some good bands, but style as is has not evolved much. It is also true, that every artistic language had its strong period i my opinion, and for metal, that was 80s and 90s... but having said that, metal will live on, there will always some good bands around


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every one in the music industry are copying each other, not just in metal -.- Its hard to make new music now.
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every one in the music industry are copying each other, not just in metal -.- Its hard to make new music now.

Not really. It is easier than ever to come up with new music. You just have to not try so hard to fit in. Stand out a little and have some fun. If a musician is already unknown, it really makes sense to just do what he wants.


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Metal isn't stagnant...

When I started metal, I looked into metal bands that were all related. Later on, I started to search for bands originating from different countries and I don't think it's stagnant at all.

I've been listening to a lot of metal from Japan. Don't confuse what I'm talking about with those flashy "visual kei" japanese bands. There are these "circles" (groups of project musicians, instead of a band) that have great original metal composition. Since they are circles, they're not always tied together. Sometimes they move on to other circles or have many at a time. It's really cool to see how different circles can sound, even when they may have the same guitarist, singer, etc.