Mastering Help For House Music


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Hello! I spent hours to master my track, but I struggle to achive clean and loud enough sound (which isn't too quiet or too loud). I used only my android phone for the whole music production. The DAW is fl studio mobile. I tried to follow this video's instructions for the master.
But my song doesn't sound good. I think that I messed up the equalizer settings. Please take a listen here: And give me advice what should I improve. Thanks in advance.
Mastering is not just about adjusting it technically.
Actually mastering is about EP, LP, you actually 'can't' really master a single:)
and it's not just my personal opinion.
Anyway it's a complicated proces involving several sub-processes.
Tweaking the knobs is one of them but not the only one.

Before going to audio mastering stage, you should ask yourself if the mix sounds good?
Are you happy with how it sounds?, and if you just turn volume up on your amplifier and hear if the mix still sounds good with high SPL.

If not - get back to mixing.
If yes - send it to professional lad, and I am quite sure you can also ask questions, Mastering Engineer will be able to help you out - you will not just get your song mastered, but also you will learn something.
Even comparing your mix with your master versus pro master - will teach you a lot.
>>>>Actually mastering is about EP, LP, you actually 'can't' really master a single:)<<<<

The mastering engineers at Motown Detroit might take issue with that statement. Those at Capitol Records who worked on the Beatles releases for US distribution would probably disagree as well. Although modern mastering is often thought of as a process that "glues" an album together, especially one with wildly different mixes of disparate cuts, recorded at various studios.