MARCH OF THE DEFEATED | Military Movie Soundtrack


Producer, Rapper & Writer
So recently I worked on a track that originated from a Progressive House beat. Very casual, nothing too special about it.
Here's that clip:FALLING | New Track [Preview] by Tinem | Tinem Beatz | Free Listening on SoundCloud

However, I quite liked the piano melody. At first it was pretty empty and sitting lonely as it was the only melody I wrote - but as I kept working on it, I build an entire fort around it. Thus, I came with the solution that the track shouldn't be 128 bpm, but way slower. So I slowed it down quite a bit and added all these orchestral instruments. Now I had an emotional soundtrack that could be used for a sad space movie or so.

An idea struck me that I should've added some old, military drums in the background to give the track a "drop" - a point where everything comes together and gets wild. So, adding the drums I soon realized it should transition from an old drum-kit, to a wide, loud, kicking beat. I added the rest of the drum sequence and finished the important, big part.

I just did some final tweakings and had done quite a few versions before uploading this one, so hopefully you guys like it! Feel free to give me some criticism;)