Madden cheaters should die!!!!!


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They take the fun outta the game sometimes!! You just have to laugh (and be mad at the same time for your time being wasted)

I've won 2 Tournaments, and know i have a pretty decent game...

Played (and even won a few) against people with ridiculous records (ie. 169-19), and then you get your occassional (which is getting more frequent), games that are just mind boggling BLOW OUTS!!! With alot of shady ish going on during the game!! I just played 2 games, and fumbled a total of 14 times!!!! I dont think that was a coincidence!

Don't get me wrong, I have had my share of bad games, where i just got my a$$ handed to me by someone who played a straight up good game, (and I'm kool with that) but then racking up 2 or 3 losses in a row to apparent cheaters isnt fun.....

Any of you die-hard players know what I'm talking about.....Some people make it obvious they cheat too!! I was talking to this dude on the headset, and he told me he was!!! He paused the game, and said, "watch, your next pass is a pick, wherever you throw it", and whalaaah!! PICK.....then he did the same thing and called a fumble, and Walaaahhh!!!



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Dawg, it was CRAZY!!! 14 mo fo fumbles at the wierdest times! My kick return fumbled like 4 times in a row by himself in one game. Just Crazy!

And still, I didn't quit, just tried to play through it. Sighs


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You need to take this **** to the UN tribunals. Its a travesty of monumental proportions we shall not rest until the hand of justice has ***** slapped this individual.
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how do you cheat in madden? i mean i see that **** too when i'm playing, but i think it's just luck, you know? is there an actual way to cheat?


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Yea, DIE is a bit harsh! Lol. But man, it's so frustrating. There are codes out there people put in during gameplay. I'm very cautious of someone who pauses at certain intervals, and right after the pause, some crazy ish happens. Ah well!


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This is why i'm waiting to pick up my madden.
...but madden 2011 will probably be out by then...