Madden 10


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Why don't we have a general discussion part on this forum? Would be nice to discuss offtopic subjects too.. I'll try posting this, see if it goes by the mods!

Anyway, anybody on here playing the new Madden game? I copped it today, loving it! It's a step up from the 09 edition, on real..
I play on xbox360, if anyone wanna play, then add me!

Gamertag: Emphamuz

Feel free to drop your tags, (i can still play 09 if anyone feels like it)



Been a while, huh? :)
If I got my thread deleted because I wanted a pop section, but I put it in the Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B section, you KNOW this one ain't gon last long. Hell, mine was at least music-related...



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Not for nothin but mods r kinda doin a louzy job...where is the bored section or the wtvr section that has nothin to do wit music? Btw gamertag is ohman201....ill be bustin ass in 2k10..n ufc undisputed..champ

Le'roi D. Rage

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Wow... Why are you snapping at me?

He was probably just joking, all while inviting you to a friendly game of Madden online.

Always Rememer..

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I was gonna post a new topic but I thought it will prolly get deleted by the mods, but ugh MIKE VICK IS BACK. Just signed a 2 year deal with Philly


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i'm eager 2 cop mines, but I got a show 2 get ready for on Saturday, and if I get it before then, i'm gonna slack, but 1st thing come Saturday night round 2 a.m., i'm on it!!!

p.s. If i'm not on some trim @ the time, if so, catch me Sunday snapping necks, cuz i'm live 'n effect!!!

-tru blu
"the blu pill" Fall '09
Blu(hippaz Entertainment'09
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Just got mine for PS3!!!!

If you dont play on ALL MADDEN, then you cant play me!!!


screenname: beenie1