Macworld: Hands on with iRig Voice paired with EZ Voice app


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Macworld: Hands on with iRig Voice paired with EZ Voice app
[h=4]"First-rate for karaoke, a truly portable audio studio"[/h]

Macworld Australia
's expert reviewer, Keith White, has taken a look at IK's new mobile microphone, iRig Voice paired with the EZ Voice app and certainly likes what he discovers.

Read some of his comments here.

"The thermoplastic casing [of the mic itself] with an on/off switch feels quite substantial in the hand and the stylish aluminium cage which protects the microphone capsule includes a moisture barrier to protect from corrosion. The Voice is specially designed for singing and has a close pickup pattern to minimise feedback when used with a PA system or such."

"Although the hardware/software combination is designed for vocals it can also be used for recording voice-overs or interviews in the field. A truly portable audio studio."

"Three of these [effects] work on the voice itself. Tune is a simple pitch corrector to stop me wandering too far from the harmonic path. Morph produces a whole range of effects from interesting to wacky which I operate by dragging a circle around the screen to make me sound anything but myself. Choir creates a fully customisable three-part harmony from my voice to add amazing fullness and depth."

"Six professional studio effects; Reverb, Delay, Chorus, EQ, Filter (Low Pass) and Level (Compressor) are on hand, to finish the job. Each effect is also widely customisable. I can add any of the nine effects in combinations three at a time which I can then save as a preset. It’s quite fun using pinch and swipe gestures instead of the usual knobs and sliders"

"The result? Pretty impressive (for me) as I crank it up through the iLoud. Without more time to go through all the possibilities of EZ Voice I’m already thinking this setup would be first-rate for karaoke and probably even ok to knock up a demo or two. For a little over $50 the package sounds really good through a quality sound system. You’re the Voice!"

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